Curved Surfaces Documentation

Title: OTL

OTL is a position commonly used in Korean media when expressing defeat. I also see this position in a lot of kink communities where people with an urge to be suppressed are in this position with a dog collar around their neck. I wanted users of this furniture to feel superior. When they use this table to put their feet up, their drinks, laptops, I want them to feel like they are looking down on the person/ doll. I also wanted to explore the process behind building the doll around something else. I thought that it was interesting how the human body is so flexible and durable enough at the same time to withstand a lot of pressure. Every time I look at my piece, a different meaning comes to mind. When I was sketching my idea, I was thinking about the dominant females in a Vice documentary. When I was sewing my doll, I thought about how it seemed like my efforts were going no where and I was going to end up jobless in the future, and when I was presenting this I felt very powerful seeing the males study my piece and try to guess what it meant.

Materials Used:

-Pine, MDF, Wood Glue, Nails, Canvas, Poly-fil, Thread, Sharpie, Staples, Packing Tape


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