Karakuri Ghost

Based on the original design of Tea-serving Karakuri Ningyo, the Karakuri ghost is currently able to: move steadily make U-turns … More

Interactive Automaton

Motivation: For the final project I would like to mainly experiment with the CNC router and the 3D printer by … More

Simplified Abacus with PVC Pipes

Material: PVC pipes (Actual inside diameter (in.).609, Actual outside diameter (in.) .84), wood strips, dowels, wood glue   Reference:

Boolean in real life

Cap and container Charger and charging port Curtain rail and Sliding wheels Drawer and compartments Soil and tree roots

Curved Sufaces: Kimekomi Shell

Materials: styrofoam, Japanese fabric, school glue. Tools: box knife, sculpting tools, sand paper. Technique: By tucking the edge of fabric … More